These two days, I have the most enrichment life in this semester. Why?
Yesterday, Bo, Fish and I were planed to files the report,
but we didn't type any words, what we do? Just“title page.”
Then, we decided to take exercise and play piano and flute.
So, Bo and I go home to change our clothes and take some sheet music.

When we arrived at school, it was almost 4:30 p.m., so we gave up exercise.
In the music room, Bo played Jazz, wa~~~ It was so good.
We didn’t bring many music, we just played free.
Then, Bo taught Fish and I to play Jazz,
Fish thought it was a little hard to her, but very interesting and challenge.
This week,Fish and I have a homework is “Jazz.” Oh~~~ Play piano is so funny!!!

This morning, we and 捲 to play badminton, it is exciting but tired.
Afternoon we go to Tsaotun shopping, and then back to school.
We are so busy and so happy all day.

By the way, I buy a new pair of trousers. At a 50% discount. YES!!!
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